Our average customer rating is 4.2 / 5
Midnight cravings hit hard for a Pudi Dose. When you got cravings, IDC is an unforgettable option. They serve Crispy textured Dose’s and piping hot Idli layered with ghee and much more. Tried Pudi Plain Dose and this had everything right in it. Starting with the Dose, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Pudi had a mouth watering taste with a tinge of tanginess. When the taste of pudi and texture of the Dose is right, then definitely the Dose would be mind blowing. Their in-house Sambar and chutney were also fab! Absolutely, a right choice for Dose or Idli’s lovers. Also tried Idli and this was out of the world. Melt in mouth texture with ghee layered and a dip in Sambar is heaven! Undoubtedly the best…!
Ajit Rakesh
IDC means idli-dosa-coffee. But you get many other breakfast items too. Best centre for a quick bite. All items were very tasty. Specially thatte idli with ghee and chutney pudi on it and ghee roast dosa. Jaggery coffee also was excellent. 5 star rating is a must.
Nanda Jagadeesh Doijode
Went there for morning breakfast and it was totally worth it. Food was super delicious and there was not much rush to wait for.
Arpan Guha
The food was very very tasty. However it is kind of crowded so don't expect a pretty ambience. It's an experience for food, the juice section is also very good and the ghee dosa is just mind blowing. Definitely would suggest going and trying food there.
Meghna Dutta

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