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An Authentic South Indian Food Restaurant!

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Our Story

From humble beginnings in 2012 to having multiple outlets in 4 cities, our motto has remained the same – serving vegetarian South Indian delicacies of the highest quality at an affordable rate. While our cuisine is predominantly Udupi Karnataka style, we do serve specialties from neighboring South Indian states as well.

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Our Featured Delicacies

IDC Ghee Onion Masala Uttappam

Ghee Onion Masala Uthappam is a type of dosa which is thicker, with Onion and Podi Powder Toppings served alongside lightly cooked filling of potatoes, fried onions and spices.

IDC Ghee Masala Dosa

Ghee Masala Dosa is a thin pancake made from a fermented batter predominantly consisting of lentils and rice filled with lightly cooked filling of potatoes, fried onions and spices.

IDC Authentic Curd Rice

Curd rice, also called yogurt rice, is made from unsweetened probiotic yogurt cooked along with rice and served with pickle.

IDC Masala Thatte ldly

A south Indian steamed cake of rice of the size of a plate, usually served with 2 varieties of chutney & sambhar.

IDC Dip Vada Sambhar

Medu Vada is a South Indian fritter made from black lentil or urad dal served dipped inside a hot bowl of Sambhar.

IDC South Indian Filter Coffee

Indian filter coffee is a coffee drink made by mixing frothed and boiled milk with the infusion obtained by percolation brewing of finely ground coffee powder in a traditional Indian filter.

"You don't need a Silver Fork to eat good food."

Paul Prudhomme

Loved by Many / Testimonials

The taste is good and reliable price and quality , the service is good it is the best place for refreshments like coffee and a meal of variety of rice's.
Shridhar Babu
Third visit to IDC. That successfully completes all the branches across Bengaluru! Yes that's right! Have been to all. You should too. This place however has seating. The menu is same like all IDC's. The service is fast. The food is mind blowing. The ever tasty ghee idly. Highly recommended.
Aditya Kalkur
Loved the plain dosa and masala dosa. Very crispy.. enjoyed every bite of it.. I'm going to visit again this place soon.
Dishu Jain
Came to know about IDC near Richmond Circle thru one of my friend, the way he expressed about the Dosa and Idli was mouth watering, decided to go and today I was here. its its amazing its was, its really mouth watering. The crispiness, the texture, ghee in combination with chutney pudi added on to dosa , feel blessed with the first bite itself, sambar and chutney also tasted very good. Just tried coffee and its pakka south indian filter coffee, dosa lover and coffee lovers should visit IDC. you will love it. The place is little congested for car parking, but you can search for it in the same lane. For by2 coffee lovers this is not the place as they neither give by2 coffee nor extra glass for sharing.
Suzee Shree
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